Scholarships for youngsters from Syunik

  • Syunik Development Fund

One of the most important purposes of Syunik Region Development and Investment foundation is to increase the overall level of education in the region and support the diligent students.

Educated people with high professional qualities play an essential role in the development of economy, improvement of standards of living and attracting investments. Taking all this into consideration, the foundation implemented the following activities in 2017 (January-August):

covered the tuition of students of Syunik with academic achievements in the total amount of 4.885.000 AMD,

granted a scholarship to students of the region in the amount of 9.950.000 AMD.

The foundation also highlights the importance of education of new generation. In 2017, graduates of the region received 10,000 AMD (the total amount is 10.710.000 AMD)