Kapan airport to open in 2018

  • Syunik Development Fund
  • Syunik Development Fund

Kapan Airport reconstruction is one of the most important projects of  Syunik Region Development and Investment Foundation. As a result of researches and negotiations with the aviation leading experts it became clear that the runway is in a satisfactory condition, however, there are some local challenges that are being addressed.

A total investment of $ 2 million is estimated for the full reconstruction of the airport. The construction works for the airport building and reconstruction of the runway have recently been launched. In addition, with financial assistance from the ZCMC the 19-seat L-410 passenger plane was acquired from a Czech airline. 

The airplane will operate the Kapan-Yerevan-Kapan flight. The ticket price is not yet decided, while the duration of the flight is exact - 40 minutes. The co-financing principle will be applied to some groups, including students and people in need of medical aid. The flights to other destinations are also possible in the future. Kapan Airport has been leased to "Syunik airport" LTD for 25 years.

The Kapan airport reconstruction project is of a great social and economic significance for the development of the province. It will reduce the duration of the travel from the regional center to Yerevan, will raise investment attractiveness of the region, as well as promote tourism development.