Kapan airport to be reconstructed

  • Syunik Development Fund
  • Syunik Development Fund
  • Syunik Development Fund

The reconstruction of Kapan airport is one of the projects of Syunik Region Development and Investment Foundation. Negotiations with aviation leading specialists have already been completed, and the researches have shown that the runway is in a satisfactory condition. There are several local issues, but the work is being carried out in this regard. Taking into consideration that the jet plane should make big circles for landing and, consequently, enter the liberated territories, and even partly the territory of the neighboring state, reactive aviation will not be operated at the re-established airport. Instead, modern aircrafts with turboprop engine, which do not have a problem with big maneuvers, will be exploited.

The operation of Kapan airport will allow to reach Yerevan from regional center within just 40 minutes. Besides, the airport will bring enormous activity to the region, promoting its economy.


Watch the Kapan airport reconstruction video below:


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