In  memory of  heroes

In memory of heroes

One of the main directions of Syunik Region Development and Investment Foundation is to provide social support. On this occasion,  Syunik Governor Vahe Hakobyan, on February 1st of this year, with the support of the Syunik Region Development and Investment Foundation and Zangezur Copper and Molybdenum Combine, donated cash cards in the amount of 150.000 AMD monthly payment to the families of 13 heroes who died during April war.

Among those 13 families was family of the leader of Akhlatyan community Armen Beglaryan, who was on the board of bombed bus of Sisian volunteer brigade.

Besides, it is intended to shoot a documentary film about 13  heroes, which will be shown in April this year. The best specialists in the field have been invited to Armenia for shooting.

For more detailed information, you can visit Youtube page of Syunik Governor's Office.

Syunik Development Fund
Warm food in Syunik schools

Warm food in Syunik schools

 “Stable school food” project was launched in Armenia in 2010 by the agreement reached between the Government of Armenia and the UN World Food Programme. Within the framework of the program, primary school children from all provinces of Armenia receive meals at school. The main objective of the project is to create a stable school meals system that will enable the children of primary schools to improve their health and to overcome poverty, contributing to the school attendance and universal primary education.

Syunik Region Development and Investment Foundation, supporting the implementation of the programme “Stable school food” in Syunik province, has undertaken the remuneration of cooks of the following schools:

  1. Meghri Secondary School No.1
  2. Meghri Secondary School No.2
  3. Agarak Secondary School
  4. Alvank Secondary School
  5. Lehvaz Secondary School
  6. Vardanidzor Secondary School
  7. Goris Basic School No. 2
  8. Goris Basic School No. 3
  9. Goris Secondary School No. 5
  10. Goris Secondary School No. 6
  11.  Shinuhayr Secondary School
  12.  Verishen Secondary School
  13.  Khndzoresk Secondary School
  14.  Tegh Secondary School No. 1
  15.  Karahunj Secondary School
  16.  Kornidzor Secondary School 
  17.  Khot Secondary School 
  18.  Tatev Secondary School 
  19.  Vorotan Secondary School 
  20.  Aravus Primary School NCSO
  21.  Sisian Basic School No. 1
  22.  Sisian Basic School No. 2
  23.  Sisian Basic School No. 4
  24.  Sisian Basic School No. 5
  25.  Kapan Basic School No. 6
  26.  Kapan Secondary School No. 10
  27.  Kapan Secondary School No. 11
  28.  Kapan Secondary School No. 12
  29.  David Bek Secondary School
  30.  Yegheg Secondary School
  31.  Atchanan Secondary School
  32.  Tsav Secondary School
  33.  Dzagedzor Secondary School
  34.  Geghanush Secondary School
  35.  Angeghakot Secondary School
  36.  Shaki Secondary School
  37.  Shaghat Secondary School
  38.  Darbas Secondary School
  39.  Ashotavan Secondary School
  40.  Gorayk Secondary School
  41. Dastakert Secondary School
  42.  Shenatagh Basic School
  43.  Lor Secondary School
  44.  Aghitu Basic School
  45.  Soflu Basic School
Syunik Development Fund
The price of transport in Kapan will not increase

The price of transport in Kapan will not increase

Kapan public transport fare will not change. Syunik Region Development and Investment Foundation, based on its mission and goals, has subsidized the fare tariff.

Syunik Development Fund
Scholarships for youngsters from Syunik

Scholarships for youngsters from Syunik

One of the most important purposes of Syunik Region Development and Investment foundation is to increase the overall level of education in the region and support the diligent students.

Educated people with high professional qualities play an essential role in the development of economy, improvement of standards of living and attracting investments. Taking all this into consideration, the foundation implemented the following activities in 2017 (January-August):

covered the tuition of students of Syunik with academic achievements in the total amount of 4.885.000 AMD,

granted a scholarship to students of the region in the amount of 9.950.000 AMD.

The foundation also highlights the importance of education of new generation. In 2017, graduates of the region received 10,000 AMD (the total amount is 10.710.000 AMD)

Syunik Development Fund