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The first modern cinema theater opened in Syunik province

The first modern cinema theater opened in Syunik province

“S'Unique” movie theatre opened in the provincial capital of Syunik Kapan on March 21.

The cinema is the only one of a kind in the regions of Armenia. It meets international standards with its structure and furnishing and is equipped with the latest cinema equipment from Germany.

The cinema hall has 84 seats and the prices of tickets are significantly lower than those in Yerevan movie theatres.

The first guests of the cinema were the Syunik Governor Vahe Hakobyan, the management of “Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine”, representatives of regional and community authorities, Honorary Citizens of Kapan community and cultural figures.

The first movie shown on the screen of “S'Unique” movie theatre was the film “The Flight Starts from the Earth”, 1980, shot at the Kapan airport. The symbolic film was chosen since Kapan airport will be reopened within several months.

We have been thinking for a long time what can be done to organize youth entertainment in the region and make everyday life interesting. I guess cinema was the best solution. I am glad to note that the recently opened cinema is equipped with all modern technical means and is quite comfortable. I hope that soon it will become the favorite place of the young people,” Governor of Syunik province Vahe Hakobyan told reporters, adding that regular free screenings will be organized for vulnerable groups at the cinema.

Reconstruction of the cinema began in November 2017. The cinema with a total cost of $400,000 was built on the initiative of the Governor Vahe Hakobyan with the support of the Syunik Region Development and Investment Foundation.

Syunik Development Fund
Snow fence along Sisian-Goris highway

Snow fence along Sisian-Goris highway

A special snow fence that will allow to keep the road passable regardless of weather conditions is being installed along Sisian-Goris highway.

Only 300 meters of the road is covered by the protective net at this point; it is planned to install a 12-kilometer fence. The most problematic part of the highway, which is always blocked when it snows, is going to be protected.

 It is estimated that after the fencing, there will not be such problems. The installation of a 300-meter snow fence was experimental. Most likely, up to 1.2-kilometer part of the road will be fenced this winter. The information regarding the other parts is not yet clear.

The project is implemented by “Syunik Region Development and Investment Fund”, in partnership with Zangezur Copper and Molybdenum Combine.


Syunik Development Fund

"Zangi" educational project

The main goal of the project is to contribute to the development of knowledge and innovative skills of the region's residents in environmental, agricultural and tourism sectors particularly among children and youth.

Within the framework of the project it is also planned to establish and exploit one educational classroom in the towns of the region on the basis of city schools.

Along with the classrooms innovative and aquaponics greenhouses will be built and will function as an educational base for agricultural and environmental trainings. Greenhouse products will also contribute to improving the quality of services provided by schools.

Within the framework of the project the following steps are planned to be implemented:

Classroom selection and renovation

1. The selection of classroom in Sisian School N 5 is done

2. The classroom of Kapan School N1 has already been renovated; the greenhouse operates in the area of school

3. The selection of classroom in Meghri school N1 is done

Organization and conduction of trainings in renovated classrooms and newly built greenhouses   

  1. The "Household Ecology" training course will be designed and implemented for children.  The course is provided to teach children everyday domestic skills of environmental pollution reduction and negative impact of humans on nature. Additional facultative courses involving biology and botany school teachers are also planned.
  2. Practical training course of "Construction and Exploitation of aquaponics greenhouses" will be designed and implemented for local farmers. The course is designed to present the innovative method of greenhouse economy, its advantages, profitability and environmental significance. It will be designed by relevant specialist and for each school will be selected one instructor.
  3. А "Local Guide" training course will be designed and implemented. During the course the interested ones will have the possibility to obtain knowledge and skills in organization of individual and group tours in their communities.
  4. "Hospitality Services" training course will be designed and implemented. The course is designed to provide  knowledge and skills in the following areas:

• Hotel economy organization and maintenance of BB type
• Peculiarities and nuances of hotel and hospitality services
• Guest house as a lifestyle: sanitary and hygienic requirements
• Hotel and guest house food: peculiarities, requirements and menu
• Basic knowledge of foreign language 

Syunik Development Fund
Cinema to operate in Kapan soon

Cinema to operate in Kapan soon

A cinema theater will function in Kapan’s biggest shopping center soon. Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine has provided financial assistance to the initiative of Syunik Region Development and Investment Foundation. 

The cinema will meet the international standards with its structure and furnishing and will be adapted for people with limited mobility. It will be equipped with the latest cinema equipment from Germany.

An agreement with a number of international movie distributors has already been reached to show films of foreign production. Movie fans will have an opportunity to watch films of different genres.

In addition to the cinema theatre, there will also be an entertaining center, both for children and adults. It is another opportunity to make the entertaining life of the regional center more interesting.

Syunik Development Fund
Pizza “Don Nico”

Pizza “Don Nico”

Syunik Region Development and Investment Foundation has been supporting the producing of “Don Nico” frozen pizza in Kapan.

The factory is planning to provide at least half a million units of products per year for domestic consumption, as well as for export to Russia, Iran and other countries.

Syunik Development Fund
Kapan airport to open in 2018

Kapan airport to open in 2018

Kapan Airport reconstruction is one of the most important projects of  Syunik Region Development and Investment Foundation. As a result of researches and negotiations with the aviation leading experts it became clear that the runway is in a satisfactory condition, however, there are some local challenges that are being addressed.

A total investment of $ 2 million is estimated for the full reconstruction of the airport. The construction works for the airport building and reconstruction of the runway have recently been launched. In addition, with financial assistance from the ZCMC the 19-seat L-410 passenger plane was acquired from a Czech airline.

The airplane will operate the Kapan-Yerevan-Kapan flight. The ticket price is not yet decided, while the duration of the flight is exact - 40 minutes. The co-financing principle will be applied to some groups, including students and people in need of medical aid. The flights to other destinations are also possible in the future. Kapan Airport has been leased to "Syunik airport" LTD for 25 years.

The Kapan airport reconstruction project is of a great social and economic significance for the development of the province. It will reduce the duration of the travel from the regional center to Yerevan, will raise investment attractiveness of the region, as well as promote tourism development.

Syunik Development Fund
Film-monument dedicated to the heroes of Syunik died during April military operations.

"13" Film-monument

The film "13" is one of the major projects of the Syunik Region Development and Investment Foundation. It was filmed by the initiative of the foundation and with the support of Zangezur Copper and Molybdenum Combine. The author of the script is Aren Mkrtchyan.

"13" is a film-monument dedicated to 13 heroes of Syunik  of the four-day April war. The premiere of a  film took place on May 14 at Moscow Cinema. Another open view is planned to be organized in the near future. The authors of the film intend to translate it into five languages: Russian, English, Spanish, French, Chinese and to present it to international festivals.

Syunik Development Fund
Syunik  Guide  School

Syunik Guide School

With the support of  Syunik Region Development and Investment Foundation, "Public Diplomacy" and  "Armenian Center of Young Analysts " non-governmental organizations implemented  the project of Guide school in June this year.

The two-months free training's main goal was to provide participants with extensive and profound knowledge on specifications of tourism industry, both through theoretical and practical classes. A number of visits to different historical and cultural sights of  Armenia were also held during that time.

The first stage of training courses  was completed  in August,  during which for about 10 students were able to study Syunik's  main  tourism  destinations, to get acquainted with their history and cultural importance. The "Guide School" was the first project that turned into educational platform where  participants had a chance to effectively apply their knowledge gained at school in practice.

Syunik Development Fund
Kapan airport to be reconstructed

Kapan airport to be reconstructed

The reconstruction of Kapan airport is one of the projects of Syunik Region Development and Investment Foundation. Negotiations with aviation leading specialists have already been completed, and the researches have shown that the runway is in a satisfactory condition. There are several local issues, but the work is being carried out in this regard. Taking into consideration that the jet plane should make big circles for landing and, consequently, enter the liberated territories, and even partly the territory of the neighboring state, reactive aviation will not be operated at the re-established airport. Instead, modern aircrafts with turboprop engine, which do not have a problem with big maneuvers, will be exploited.

The operation of Kapan airport will allow to reach Yerevan from regional center within just 40 minutes. Besides, the airport will bring enormous activity to the region, promoting its economy.


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